Random Musings Monday

Monday, August 3, 2015

You have to learn to persevere when others wouldn't .To try one more time when others quit.To love a little harder when others lost faith.Happiness doesn't chase you,it's something you pursue.Joy is what you choose to find inside you,it's what let's you know that regardless of what's happening you still have you.You'll either work harder or stress more depending on whether or not you feel you're enough for you.Everybody isn't built to handle what you can.Some people will tell you to play it safe,out of their own fear.Decide what's for you,grind it and stay committed while it's yours.


If you follow me on Instagram  you already  know how much I love RobHill Sr's words.This guy speaks to my soul!I have enough of his quotes screen shot on my phone.I like reading them whenever am looking for inspiration.Anyway this particular quote got me thinking about my life.

I come from a  humble background my mum is a primary school teacher and my dad used to work for the Government as a physical Planner,he's retired now.Growing up, me and my sis never quite got everything we wanted.Along the way things got quite difficult for us ,like I had to leave college after a year to look for a job and save up for my fees to go back , all because my dad decided to retire early,something I have never quite understood up to date.So anyway I got a job and trust me I hated going to work everyday while my friends were attending classes and enjoying campus life.I remember going to the wash rooms sometimes and just crying my heart out over lunch time.I mean I was 19 years and already facing work pressure from my boss I never liked that at all,so after 6 months my contract ended and I decided am not going to renew it,am going to stay at home and do nothing.

So I stayed home for two months doing nothing and that's when it hit me,what the hell am I doing with my life,what's this direction am taking.It hit me that It was my life I was living and staying at home watching movies,eating and sleeping won't get me any where.It was up to me to get off my lazy ass and look for a job or continuing staying at home and stressing over my current situation I tell you it took me a while to forgive my father for making me miss out on school.

I finally got a job a few month's later as a Sales Agent in a micro finance company and oh boy!selling loans was one tough cookie!A story for another day,sigh!I vowed to work harder when I got the job and a few month's later I got promoted to a loans officer and finally enrolled back to school to continue with my studies.One thing I have come to learn is that at the end of the day it's all about You,your life,not your parent's not your friends.It's up to you to change the situation you currently going through in life especially if you going through hard times,you can't lock yourself up and stress about it and hope that the stressful situation will go away magically,you have to take matters into your own hands and make things better,work harder like Rob says Happiness doesn't chase you,it's something you pursue.Most importantly your past never determines your future!

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Details on this particular outfit as blogged here



The Bridal Affair

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So he has popped the big question,you excited you just got engaged!You call your family and friends to share the good news.Everyone is excited but now the big challenge is planning the wedding from choosing the venue,the invites then the biggest headache is usually what wedding dress will you wear on the big day!and what about the  bridesmaids?the colour ?the dress design??

Not to worry Aisle Style Uk  has got you covered on this.They are a gown line located in the UK that offers a diverse compilation of elegantly international crafted designer wedding dresses that range from glamorous,drapped Angel Satin to alluring laces and satin chiffon.Combining a superb fit with couture finishing,Aisle style brings an attention to detail that sets their wedding dresses apart from those of designer labels and makes your wedding truly memorable.

I know you may be thinking since they are located in the UK getting your wedding gown will be  a hustle,well let me give you the good news!Kenya is one of the African countries they ship to and they have different shipping methods,normal delivery takes 15 - 25 days,urgent takes 10 - 15 days and super takes 7 - 10 days,they ship via all major mail carriers including UPS,EMS,FedEx,TNT and DHL. You can always track your order through their website  just to know how far along your package is.

Here is a preview of the wedding dresses.Remember you can make your order online here .They have a super sale on the brides maids dresses where you can save 15% on 4 + same brides maids dresses.Hurry and make your purchases as soon as possible as the offer is valid until August 2015.

Wedding Dresses

Satin Wedding Dress

Simple A- line Sweetheart wedding dress

Sexy Trumpet/Mermaid Weddings

Brides Maids Dresses

V - Neck A- line Sleeveless Brides Maids Dresses

A- Line Brides Maids Dress

Strapless Satin Sleeveless knee length brides maids dress

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Random Musings Monday

Monday, July 27, 2015

        "Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren't. Everybody has their own strength and weaknesses and its only when you accept everything you are and aren't that you will truly succeed". - Anonymous

Sometime back I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and she was telling me how she admires my life because of  how I have it all together,a good job and a fancy lifestyle and she wished she had my life because at the moment she wasn't happy in her current situation .I smiled and thought to myself I wish you knew the struggles I go through in my day to day life.

Nowadays people use social media to advertise their happier side of  life so to speak and many are times we fall victims of what we see and wish  we had that beautiful house ,those stunning pair of heels,that  beautiful dress..e.t.c forgetting to appreciate what we have.Sometime last week there was this news article circulating on Face Book about 50 cent,where he was saying that the fancy cars and bling bling we see in his music videos he usually returns them back after the videos have been shot,they are not his they are just for show.You see its never that serious the way you might think.

So if you have been comparing yourself to other people you need to stop and look within you because you have the same potential as that person you comparing yourself to.All you have to do is figure out what it is you not doing right,figure out your strength and weaknesses and from there you are in a position to make your life better in your own kind of way.Never forget to be grateful for what you have because someone somewhere is wishing they had exactly that.

Have a beautiful Week ahead!

Outfit details and more pics  here

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Mint Green soft jeans

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy hump day beautiful people!

Hope you enjoying your week so far.I know I missed out on posting random musings Monday not to worry next week for sure the post will be there.

If there is one particular look that sometimes can be a challenge when styling is a pastel outfit.So for this particular outfit I blended in two pastel colours mint green  and a pastel pink ,for the shoes one thing is for sure you can never go wrong with nude heels.The nude colour  effortlessly blends in with all colours as it is a neutral shade.To add a little 'spice' to my pastel look I threw on a printed Kimono.

Outfit Details

Mint green soft jeans - Serinda Fashions

Pastel Pink Top - Serinda Fashions

Print Blue Kimono - Serinda Fashions

Nude Heels - Jumia Kenya

Accessories - vonette Boutique

Photography - 9th Wonder (steve)

Enjoy the rest of your week my darlings!

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