Random Musings Monday

Monday, July 27, 2015

        "Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren't. Everybody has their own strength and weaknesses and its only when you accept everything you are and aren't that you will truly succeed". - Anonymous

Sometime back I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and she was telling me how she admires my life because of  how I have it all together,a good job and a fancy lifestyle and she wished she had my life because at the moment she wasn't happy in her current situation .I smiled and thought to myself I wish you knew the struggles I go through in my day to day life.

Nowadays people use social media to advertise their happier side of  life so to speak and many are times we fall victims of what we see and wish  we had that beautiful house ,those stunning pair of heels,that  beautiful dress..e.t.c forgetting to appreciate what we have.Sometime last week there was this news article circulating on Face Book about 50 cent,where he was saying that the fancy cars and bling bling we see in his music videos he usually returns them back after the videos have been shot,they are not his they are just for show.You see its never that serious the way you might think.

So if you have been comparing yourself to other people you need to stop and look within you because you have the same potential as that person you comparing yourself to.All you have to do is figure out what it is you not doing right,figure out your strength and weaknesses and from there you are in a position to make your life better in your own kind of way.Never forget to be grateful for what you have because someone somewhere is wishing they had exactly that.

Have a beautiful Week ahead!

Outfit details and more pics  here

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Mint Green soft jeans

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy hump day beautiful people!

Hope you enjoying your week so far.I know I missed out on posting random musings Monday not to worry next week for sure the post will be there.

If there is one particular look that sometimes can be a challenge when styling is a pastel outfit.So for this particular outfit I blended in two pastel colours mint green  and a pastel pink ,for the shoes one thing is for sure you can never go wrong with nude heels.The nude colour  effortlessly blends in with all colours as it is a neutral shade.To add a little 'spice' to my pastel look I threw on a printed Kimono.

Outfit Details

Mint green soft jeans - Serinda Fashions

Pastel Pink Top - Serinda Fashions

Print Blue Kimono - Serinda Fashions

Nude Heels - Jumia Kenya

Accessories - vonette Boutique

Photography - 9th Wonder (steve)

Enjoy the rest of your week my darlings!

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Random Musings Monday

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Monday beautiful people!

Random musings Monday will from now on be a regular feature on the blog. Basically it is about  random happenings  in my life and the lessons I have learnt.

Years back when I started blogging I was full of energy and so happy to have discovered the other side of the world where fashion existed.I remember discovering new styles and trying out different fashion trends.It took me like a year before I started sharing my outfit posts.I remember I would make my friends take photos of what am wearing and I would instantly share them on my blog .I have to admit it took quite some courage for me to share my passion for fashion with the world because back then I wasn't sure about my style and I worried so much that people would judge me harshly.

At some point in 2012 I almost gave up.I felt like maybe I was trying too much because at around that time other Kenyan fashion bloggers were gaining so much recognition and I would compare myself to them and felt I wasn't worthy being a fashion blogger.

But then again I had a few people who believed in me like some of my friends,my ex boyfriend, they kept on encouraging me and I prayed to God to show me the vision for my blog. In 2013 I finally took my blog seriously and brands started approaching me and that really felt good,before I knew it my blog was finally sustaining itself in one way or the other.I started being invited to events,getting features on different publications from magazines to newspapers.Photographers also wanted to work with me and my passion for fashion grew so much that now I run my own boutique.

My advice to anyone out there struggling with their dreams and ambitions is  NEVER give up!Your success is around the corner.Keep on doing what you love,don't do it for money or fame,do it for the love  and everything else will fall  to place.I may not be where I want to be right now but am grateful for where I am and the lessons learnt along the way.

Outfit Details here

Have a lovely  week



Maxi Fever

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I instantly fell in love with this maxi two piece set the moment I saw it.If you have been following my style religiously you know I am a sucker for bright colours,so there was no way I was leaving this yellow maxi set behind.
What I love about it is that it can be worn as a dress, simply by pulling up the skirt way above the belly button or rather the midi section so that it meets up with the crop top covering the midriff area.

Its a perfect outfit for  summer you can pair it up with a sun hat and sandals and you good to go!

Outfit Details

Maxi two piece set - Vonette Boutique

Turquoise statement neck piece - Vonette Boutique

Photography - Steve Nelson (9th Wonder)

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Much love

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